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Simple Shot Flat Bands

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Replacement Simple Shot Flat Band


Replacement Simple Shot Flat Band

Made with SimpleShot Premium Latex. Not just a compromise, but an entirely new formulation of latex made specifically for SimpleShot, specifically for slingshot performance!

  • 1/4″ ~ Ammo: 1/4″ or 6mm steel ~ Taper: 8mm x 12mm ~ Thickness: 0.4mm
  • 5/16″ ~ Ammo: 5/16″ or 8mm steel ~ Taper: 12mm x 18mm ~ Thickness: 0.5mm
  • 3/8″ ~ Ammo: 3/8″ or 9.5mm steel ~ Taper: 15mm x 22mm ~ Thickness: 0.7mm
  • 7/16″ ~ Ammo: 7/16″ or 11mm steel ~ Taper: 18mm x 22mm ~ Thickness: 0.7mm
  • 1/2″ ~ Ammo: 1/2″ or 12.5mm steel ~ Taper: 25mm x 30mm ~ Thickness: 0.7mm

ATTENTION: Be sure to trim your bands to the correct length before using them to get the most out of your bands!

WARNING! These bands ARE NOT made to shoot rocks or stones. Doing so may damage your bands, your slingshot, or your person. These bands sport pouches that are optimized for the related spherical slingshot ammo. Please do not shoot rocks with these bands!


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