Saunders High Power Replacement Bands

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Replacements Saunders Bands

Replacements Saunders Bands

Tubular Bands:
High power tubular bands are a matched set. This ensures equal power and maximum accuracy. Comes in U.V. protective tube complete with self-centering pouch.

Not to be used with Saunders flat band Wrist Rocket models.

Flat Bands:
Flat power bands for Wrist-Rocket flat band models. All flat bands come with twin band double tapered bands for greater efficiency and speed plus an accurate, easy loading pouch, the HVPC (Hyper-Velocity Posi-Centre pouch).

The Black Mamba are Saunder’s standard medium power bands. The Stryker bands are high power and extra durable.

Please note that Stryker bands are too thick to be used with the Pipper sight. TNT bands are natural bands and are currently the fastest bands available.

*Colours of flat bands may vary*


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