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Simple Shot Scout LT

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The Scout LT Slingshot is a modern slingshot (and our #1 selling frame) equipped with fast powerful flatbands for all your needs.

The Scout LT. Lighter. Thinner. More customizable than ever. With FlipClips X!

Use the FlipClips X band attachment system for easy slingshot band swapping!

FlipClips X are the easiest band attachment system out there. Simply thread the fastener in to clamp down on the band tightly and securely. OTT and TTF are possible with just the spin of the clip. It's simple!

The Scout LT is the most popular choice at Simple Shot for good reason. Its ergonomics are incredible and will satisfy those who use a pinch grip or fork supported grip most satisfactorily. Not recommended for the hammer grip (we recommend the Hammer line-up or the Scout XT for that), the Scout LT is a work of art.

Tech Specs:

  • Weight (w/scales & flipclipsX) - 110g
  • Overall Length - 130mm
  • Width (outside forks) - 92mm
  • Width (inside forks) - 50mm
  • Handle Thickness - 30mm


  • 1x Scout Lt Frame
  • 1x Pair of Scout Handle Scales
  • 1x Flipchips X
  • 1x Paracord Lanyard
  • 2x 7/16" Standard Flat Bands


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